Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate Students

Cabrera Hernández, Luis O.

Luis O Cabrera_B&Wluis.cabrera5@upr.edu

Mentor: Orestes Quesada González , Ph.D. | Biographical_Sketch

Guadalupe Díaz, Isis

Isis Guadalupeisis.guadalupe@upr.edu

Research Work: Air quality and precipitation chemistry

Mentor: Olga Mayol, Ph.D. | Biographical Sketch

Martínez Guadalupe, Anna C.

Anna C. Martínezanna.martinez1@upr,edu

Research Work: Mechanical properties of Ti-C composite and its biomedical applications

Mentor: Brad Weiner, Ph.D. | Biographical Sketch

Pichardo Peguero, Oliver D.

Pichardo Peguero, Oliver D.oliver.pichardo@upr.edu

Research Work: Development of Ni-dithiolene Photothermal Agents

Mentor: Dalice Piñero | Biographical Sketch

Rivera Cordero, Génesis

Genesis Riveragenesis.rivera34@upr.edu

Research Work: Enzyme Intructed Self Assembly of Guanosine Derivatives

Mentor: José M. Rivera, Ph.D. | Biographical Sketch

Santa Meléndez, Valeria

Valeria Santavaleria.santa2@upr.edu

Research Work: Gene regulatory network of the optix transcription factor

Mentor: Riccardo Papa | Biographical sketch