Graduate Students

Graduate Students

Alsina Sánchez, Ambar M.


Research Work: Determination of optix regulators via Mass Spectrometry Analysis

Mentor: Ingrid Montes, Ph.D. |  Biographical Sketch

Benjamín Rivera, Josué A.

Josué Benjamín - B&

Research Work: Studies to understand Ti speciation and transport in the human body

Mentor: Arthur Tinoco | Biographical Sketch

Bittman Soto, Xavier S.


Research Work: The Potential Role of ERalpha36 in Inflammatory Breast Cancer

Mentor: Esther A. Peterson, Ph. D. | Biographical Sketch

Carrasquillo Dones, Emmanuel

Research Work: Protein-DNA interactomes of cardiac transcription factors GATA4, TBX5 and NKX2-5

Mentor: José Rodríguez | Biographical Sketch | CV


Maldonado Hernández, Rafael

Research Work: Preparation of nAChR Crystals For High Resolution Studies Using the Detergent Analog LFC 16

Mentor: José Lasalde | Biographical Sketch


Mercado García, Benjamín

Benjamin Mercado Foto lab

Research Work: Identification of proteases secreted in anaerobic conditions by anaerobic facultative fungi

Mentor: Paul Bayman | Biographical Sketch

Morales Lozada, Yermary


Research Work: Towards the Structure and Biological Activity of Genotoxic Compound, Colibactin

Mentor: Abel Baerga | Biographical Sketch


Ortíz Alvarado, Carlos A.

Carlos Ortíz_Foto Lab

Research Work: Transcriptomic analysis of foraging decision making patterns in Honey bee (Apis mellifera)

Mentor: Tugrul Giray | Biographical Sketch

Rabelo Fernández, Robert J.


Research Work: Unraveling the role of RNA Binding Protein with Multiple Splicing (RBPMS) in Ovarian Cancer Cells

Mentor: Pablo Vivas, PhD | Biographical Sketch

Ramírez Román, María E.

Foto Marí

Research Work: Homeostatic mechanisms of alcohol-induced sleep disturbances in Drosophila

Mentor: Alfredo Ghezzi, Ph.D. | Biographical Sketch

Rosado Tristani, Diego A.

Foto Diego

Research Work: Determination of optix regulators via Mass Spectrometry Analysis

Mentor: José A. Rodríguez, Ph.D. | Biographical Sketch

Torres Martínez, Zally

Zally Torres Foto Lab

Research Work: Development of Phytosterol-Solid Lipid Nanoparticles for Lung Cancer Therapy

Mentor: Kai Griebenow | Biographical Sketch